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The store offers coupons and promo codes during holidays and all throughout the year. It also runs a rewards program where you earn points for every dollar you spend on its items, so be sure to register before you start shopping. What's more, rewards program members are eligible for discounted towing services by Pep Boys. Another option, if you'll be shopping online, is to score an auto promo code from AutoAnything, simply by signing up for its newsletters. Apart from offering favorable prices for its automotive tools and parts, Advanced Auto Parts offers special promotional sales during holidays including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

12 sites like Slickdeals to find deals online

Check and follow its social media to get special savings with auto coupon codes. You can also find excellent coupons from Buy Auto Parts. One of the best times to shop for auto parts deals is usually the period nearing Black Friday. Major retailers like Walmart and Amazon tend to push out unsold stock before the end-of-year festivities begin.

Auto superstores like Advanced Auto Parts and Auto Barn try to price match the online deals, making things even better for auto part shoppers. Additionally, you can get good deals on car parts and accessories during the months of April and October. Most retailers acknowledge these months by churning out irresistible deals on auto parts, motor oil and accessories. To score great deals on wheels , look out for tire holiday sales. You can combine these discounts with manufacturer rebates to save even more money.

Slickdeals Categories Autos. When to Shop for Deals and Offers One of the best times to shop for auto parts deals is usually the period nearing Black Friday. Shop deals for. Show results for. Amazon Walmart 6. Best Buy 3. Costco Wholesale 3. Newegg 2. Sam's Club 2. Once chosen, Amazon provides reviewers with free products.


Amazon assures us that these views are completely independent — there is no necessity for the user to provide positive reviews — only accurate and helpful guidance. These reviews cannot be modified by Amazon, nor do the vendors have access to the review either. The review must comply with the posting guidelines — which basically frowns on any attempt to mislead or provide inauthentic content. This means they will dump any reviewer that has been manipulated in anyway to give a positive review. However, it is worth noting that a purchase is not necessary to make a review.

This goes to prove that leaving a review on Amazon is not a waste of time. The more you review and build your profile and ranking — the more you are likely to be selected for the Vine Voices program. The first and easiest freebie offered are the Kindle eBooks that are free to browse. There are a lot of free books available of Amazon for the most avid of readers. Some are free because they are out of copyright and some are free for a limited period as a means of introducing new up and coming authors.

All latest Slickdeals deals - Freebies

Next, you can get involved in the sample box program. If you are an Amazon Prime member then you can purchase sample boxes — then you get your money back in the form of an Amazon voucher — the equivalent to a digital gift card. These boxes have everything from free food, new products, sample products and other goodies. Its limited to one sample box per customer — but there are new free boxes available all year round. Everyone has access to free digital albums, where you can browse music for free. If you want to know what is free to listen to click the low to high button and the free stuff rises to the top.

There is also 5GB of free cloud storage on the Amazon Drive. If you are an Amazon Prime Member you get unlimited photo storage — as well as the 5GB of free storage. The good thing about free cloud storage with Amazon is that you can be sure it is going to be around for a while! Amazon has a whole load of free apps that you can download. Like with the music, click low to high and see all these free apps rise to the top.

There is some great stuff here… then there is the goat simulator app… so read the reviews before wasting your time. Audible is a linked site to Amazon and it is possible to get two free audiobooks as part of a trial of the site. You need to sign up with a fresh email to get access to the promotional offer.

12 sites like Slickdeals to find deals online

If you have a student email address, then you can get Amazon Prime free for six months — with no promotional codes required. This gives you access to free TV, free music, free movies — and free postage. You also receive exclusive college discounts. This is great for binging on movies during the holidays — and a great way to get discounts near holiday shopping periods!

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Everybody has access to a day trial with Amazon Prime — which means 30 days of freebies — including the chance to watch such amazing content as The Tick! Tags: Amazon free deal Amazon free stuff free product. Fortunately, many communities and websites have been formed to help you of how to apply for these free samples and where to get them.

Otherwise, enjoy your free gifts. Slickdeals was originally intended to be a website to help its users find killer deals on electronics.

Best Deals Sites Online – Hot Coupon World

However, over the years they have greatly expanded their freebies section. Ever day thousands of forum members contribute to the freebies page. Furthermore, each post is rated by the community members, meaning you can check if the deal is good before you even apply. An entertainment, social networking service and news site, Reddit serves as a registered community in which its members can submit content such as posts or direct links.

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Due to its large traffic base and interaction between its members, the freebies SubReddit is continually updated by community members posting direct links to freebies. Their freebies section is very similar to Slickdeals and also has a form of rating links and posts.

My Weekly Freebies January 1-10, 2015

Their aim is not only to display physical products but services as well. The uniqueness and variety of the samples that they have to offer is what puts this site at number 3 on our top 10 list. Volition makes the list due to its massive size, which may take some time to explore. When it comes to variety, this website wins hands-down. This website is designed specifically for freebies. Sometimes as many as free samples are posted daily, and more popular deals will be re-posted in order to continually remind its users of the great deals available.

Samples are also arranged by category with a brief and clear description of how to apply.