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Overall, it has very poor durability. Thank you! I have used a paste paint remover on jeans before, put it on and let it set for about 10 min. If it is thick, then after 10 min. I have plaster kitchen walls,originally covered with oil paint. I covered the walls with latex, which some years later had to be removed because of peeling. How can I prepare the walls to use only oil again?

I do not personally know a contractor that would ever recommend products from the big box stores. Those are all great if you are a cheap contractor ripping people off. I would not let you near my house with most of that garbage. If you are doing it yourself use Behr and get the results consumer reports gets year after year with their number one rated Behr paint. Trusting a contractor is the same as trusting a convicted felon. It works great. Mix some baking soda and water and use a terry cloth rag. Wash the walls, start bottom to top to prevent drips. Be sure to use clear water with a clean rag to rinse might need to rinse twice.

Then, I towel dry wall. Seems to clean walls and prevent it from running for awhile. I even used this on a wall that the paint bled and it stopped it from bleeding when I need to wash the wall. Hope this helps.

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Still not sure what exterior paint to use!!! I used it on the trim and the walls, and it came out beautiful did take an awful long time to dry. The problem? The acrid stink in the room a full six months after I put the final coat on. The smell will make your eyes water. You need to understand paint better. Behr is an enamel and it forms a plastic Like coating on your wall. Otherwise you can keep using watered down garbage like SW or Valspar. There is a reason painters use SW so often. There is a reason Behr has been the number one rated paint forever by most consumer media including consumer reports.

Check out consumer reports! Sounds like Eric works for Behr or Home Depot. It is obvious he know little about paint and has never made a living doing high end repaints. The thickness of paints has little to do with its coverage, durability and ability to hide. The quality is determined by the quality of the binder, resin and TO2. If they would spend as much time on research and development as they do on propaganda they maybe able to produce at least a decent product. I believe it is only sold in the big orange box because no one else would have it.

Thank you Charlie. I learned something from your reply. The paint and primer are a product of marketing departments. If you want a nice paint job you will need 2 coats of paint no matter what paint you use. You can not get a uniform coverage with one coat. You will also want to use good quality roller covers and brushes.

The cheap ones are cheap for a reason. You will also want to purchase your paint from a professional paint store. Glidden, Porter and SW have pros working in there stores. They will insure you get the correct paint and apicators for your situation. As far as paint Behr is a terrible example of a premium paint. It also dries very hard allowing for a tuff scrubable surface.

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  • After applying two coats and once the sunlight hit it, you could see there were differences in the shine and that the paint is just too think to apply evenly- if you re-roll over a spot that already has paint on it, it will pull it off. We bought the blue rollers and nothing has changed. We have wasted a lot of time and money. Unfortunately we will now never buy or recommend Valspar OR Lowes. Off to repaint!! Thanks for the information. We are ready to paint our dining room and liked a color that Valspar made. I would rather pay a few dollars more and be happy with the end result.

    We would not want to have to paint coat after coat and still have problems. Will take your advise and go to Benjamin Moore. A little pricey but they do make a good paint. We will get them to match the shade we need. Trudy, they should have a computer to look up the other paints on.

    The stores I go to do. It makes it easy to get great paint, and the color you want. It stays mixed, and you can go back over a spot if you need to fill a nail hole, or touch up without there being a mismatch in color. I picked up this brand by chance and found the coverage fantastic.

    The first coat looked really nice and sufficient by itself — but for any project you should expect two coats and then expect to go by a third time to do spot-touchups, regardless of the paint brand. The second coat looks fantastic. Also — on a completely qualitative note, Behr seems to release more fumes. I noticed a much stronger smell from their paints than Valspur.

    Im using BIN primer. My Cabinets have been cleaned and sanded with a paper and then wiped down again with a cleaner that leaves no residue. The primer will be applied today and left overnight to dry. Im planning on doing the cabinets with a Purdey brush and small roller set that were recommended to me at Lowes. I have a friend who is going to spray the cabinet doors for me. Lest see what happens!!!! Should try Porter Paints, I have used their sutff on several of my projects, and the results have been fantastic. I think you should run a test trying out the Silkent Touch line for interior and the Acri-Shield line for exterior.

    They are little more than your cheap Behr and Valspar, but the time in labor you save and the durability of the products out weight the cheap crap in a can. Duron is no longer since Sherwin Williams bought the company in The products are now nothing more then relabeled SW products that suffer greatly in quality. We are completing a total redecoration of a year old house that we bought. Our professional painters used Valspar, in an off-white color, mixed on-site in a van with a Valspar rep supervising.

    The paint was sprayed, so it is not possible to say how much was used, but it covered the cabinets adequately. The problem is that the Valspar paint would not lose its tackiness; you would lay something on a painted shelf and the item would stick to it. They felt very tacky to the touch. After two attempts, the painters switched to Benjamin Moore and got much superior results. We stopped our paint interior trim project after 2 doors. I used Valspar Signature did not cover and looks like a big mess and next to the light you see patchy messy non coverage streaks, dullness and the different directions.

    It is still tacky after 7 months.

    Behr Marquee Challenge

    Has anyone experience this problem going over old Duron oil painted doors? If so, do you know a better solution? Moved from HD to Lowes and decided to try Valspar. Big mistake for me. While Behr provided full or almost full coverage with one coat, Valspar looks insane and patchy at one coat.

    I also had problems cutting in. The paint kept coming off when I went back over it. Very thin consistency. Made the project take so much longer. Back to Behr for the next room. Try this with any of the brands of paint mentioned in the comments. Preparation is the most important part of painting. I use an inexpensive white ceiling paint as a primer and then apply the finish color. Take your time and apply two coats, second coat goes on quite easy.

    Product Media

    There are many paint snobs out there that are more interested in bragging about what brand or how much they spent on paint. For the people that have new paint not staying on the walls, this should not happen with any paint, you just did not take the time to clean and prep properly. I work at Home Depot in the Paint department from my experience. Also most people dont realize that the ultra lines of paint have mildew resistance in every sheen unlike the regular cheaper option. So there is a definite difference in most if you actually seen at paint roadshows against each other.

    First of all, there is no primer in paint. That was a marketing scam from Behr, but it worked so well that all other paint companies got on the wagon. It is a lie. Paint ompanies startered claiming that any acrylic paint could be called paint with primer. If there was primer in paint it would not do anything but thin the paint.

    Any paint sales person thet garantees a one coat paint is either ignorant or not being honest. I have been around paint for decades and I have worked in paint for eight years and i train new people. The quality of paint sold there is heads and tails above the consumer grade house paint that is found on local hardware store shelves. Price will be the same or even lower as the hardware store and the paint will be better.

    If you own a business then hand them your card and open an account to qualify for wholesale discounts. Need a lot of paint? No problem. Buy it in a 5 gallon bucket and save even more. Hardware stores do not sell 5 gallon buckets. Thats why pros shop there and not at Home Depot.

    And FYI pro grade paint is easier to apply, covers better, cleans easier, is more durable and the color lasts longer. Consumer grade paints splatter horribly when applied, go on too thin and the color fades quickly. The product advice at a pro store is also much better than what you will get from a part timer who knows nothing about painting at the hardware store.

    Just sayin. I have applied 2 coats of Valspar with the pink tint, note this is ceiling paint and the pink tint disappears after drying. The pink tint is to show you where you have painted as you go. But,,, my ceiling has dark shawdowy spots and the ceiling drys in a different tint of white, PS, I took the empty cans back to Lowes and they gaveme 2 more gallons of regular ceiling white paint,,,I applied it and it did not do any better,,,what is up with this paint, so today I am going to try Porter Paint ceiling paint and see what happens.

    Mercy,,what a mess…to be continued. Your test proves very little. Paint a room with each. Which goes on easiest? Which paint after curing is the most durable. Behr wins. Hey Bob, I have to concur with Joci here. I have used all 5 brands and speaking from experience. Painting since , all the primary colors such as yellow,red and blue are very difficult to cover. Especially in the mid to deep tones. Using Zinger brand would be best then whatever high grade acrylic will do. As for Sherwin Williams although,I feel only the latest top of three line is fine but the price is obscene. Everything below that line is vinyl acrylic or vinyl instead of acrylic resin.

    Thanks for doing paint trials! In I did this project and I am still having odor issues. I did not use any of the products you mentioned. I was seeking a Low odor paint product. I coated first with Zinnser Bulls Eye water base multi purpose primer and sealer. The label claims Very Low Odor and can coat in 1 hour. I was rushing to complete the painting before the contractor arrived to put in molding so we were hurrying around the room and timing carefully not to coat before an hour had passed. I had an air leak in the room so air change was constant for months.

    I put in a odor remover canister after several months but that made no difference either. When I smell the clothing in the closet I do not detect an odor but when I press my nose to the painted wall I smell paint. If I walk by or into the room I smell paint fumes. I am super sensitive to things like perfumes, cologne inserts in magazines, cleaning chemicals and other odors. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this smell?

    Wash the walls? Repaint them? Reprime and then repaint them? If I apply a better quality product, will it eliminate the odor by coating and encapsulating the cause of the odor? I would be willing to use the highest cost Ben Moore product if that is the best solution.

    Thanks for any suggestions! Bought a Stay with SW or BM or some other brand you have used successfully in the past. Got5 gallon of bher paint and I have a little little living room.. I got ceiling fans,fans on and door open so you tell me what is the deal??? You get what you pay for in paint, and this is top-of-the-line! A lot of the opinions here seem tainted by poor technique. Cooking grease makes kitchens tricky. Remove tape before paint is dry. Prime with the correct color. Killz might be required on some hides. Finish; gloss same performance as flat?

    Galvalume Paint Home Depot

    A wear and tear area vs. A lot of variables left untouched. For interior use — price, availability, shelf life and versatility I like Behr. Glidden if budget is an issue. Valspar paint better than before Asian which we had painted in our house. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Hi, we're Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred. Over the last eight years we've documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews.

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