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Some induction hobs are also quite easily scratched by sliding rough cast iron bases across the surface though you can quite safely place a tea-towel, piece of parchment or, if you want something neater, a dedicated silicone guard between the hob and the pan to prevent this. Most induction models use touch-sensitive control panels to select individual cooking zones and their respective temperatures.

If you have a lot of trouble using touch-sensitive panels then perhaps steer clear because induction hob controls can be quite fiddly.

Cookers with Induction Hobs

Furthermore, because most induction hobs certainly the cheaper models are made up of different-sized cooking zones, they can be quite picky about having pots and pans placed accurately within their individual cooking boundaries. This can be a problem if you have a large, oblong casserole pot as it will most likely not fit within the optimum area. Thankfully, some more expensive models get round this by having flexible zones that can be bridged to form one large cooking area.

Finally, people with heart pacemakers fitted are advised to check with their doctor first as the magnetic fields created may cause problems — it pays to be careful. Induction hobs and indeed all electric cookers should be on their own separate ring main and one of the correct amperage and wattage.

Induction Cooktop - Top 5 Best Models of 2019

You will also need to employ the services of a carpenter to build a hidden platform for the unit and perhaps some extra carpentry on your worktop surface. Flexible zone control allows you to link multiple zones together to form one large cooking area for oversized pots and casserole cocottes, and an anti-overflow feature automatically shuts off the system if any contents boil over onto the touch control panel.

It also features individual power boosts for express cooking, a child lock and a pause function that halts the cooking process while you answer the phone. Not only does it perform remarkably well but it looks good, is energy efficient and very easy to use. Buy now from Ikea. You could leave it in the cupboard until you need it, increase your cooking space by keeping it permanently alongside your existing gas or electric hob or take it camping or caravanning.

Best induction hobs 12222: fast-heating induction cooktops from affordable to portable to luxe

The Tefal is a doddle to use and comes with five pre-set functions — heat milk, stew, stir fry, deep fry and boil water — a timer function, and plus and minus controls to adjust temperature parameters within each preset. If you prefer to go it alone, simply select manual and choose from nine power levels W to 2,W.

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The durable black ceramic plate is good for induction-ready pots with steel bases of up to 19 centimetres in diameter. For the money, it's hard not to be seriously impressed by this product. Yes, it only has one hob but it passed our boiling and flash frying tests with flying colours. For sheer versatility and price, this diminutive slab of cookery tech has very few peers. One of the most unfortunate issues with induction hobs is that they require the pot or pan to be placed within the circular boundary of the chosen cooking zone.

Why Go Induction?

But what if you want to use an oblong casserole cocotte or boil gravy using the rectangular tin the chicken was roasted in? This striking top-of-the-range, four-zone model allows you to place any sized pot anywhere on the cooking surface. A perfect premium buy. Buy now from John Lewis. As with so many induction hobs, the touch control panel can be a faff to use — you really do need to press decisively when selecting modes and temperature levels — but in the main this hob performs outstandingly well and comes highly praised by both users and product testers.

The PowerBoost function, meanwhile, is just the ticket for speedy boiling and flash frying. And, as with all the induction models in this roundup, cleaning up after the pasta has boiled over is an absolute cinch.

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Better snap one up. This keenly-priced AEG comes with MaxiSense self-sizing zone technology that, like the more expensive Neff, detects the size of the pot or pan automatically; an extremely handy feature at this price level. And at just 13 by Like most induction cooktops, it automatically detects the presence of cookware and adjusts the heating element based on pan size.

There is a built-in countdown timer that can be set for up to minutes and an easy-to-use digital push-button control panel. Owners say that despite its size, this little burner heats up and boils water with blazing speed, and they love how lightweight it is, making it easy to tote around.

The cooking surface can be wiped clean easily. Small kitchen? Smaller budget? This little cooktop is only 24 inches long and has two inch heating elements. The heating elements on the True Induction use power-sharing technology and can share up to 1, watts. For example, one heating element can run at a full 1, watts of power while the other is off; one can run at 1, watts and the other at watts; or both can use watts. There are 10 heat settings.

Owners love this little cooktop for cramped spaces, saying it heats up quickly and cleans easily.


A few warn that it might not be powerful enough for buyers used to a full-size model, though. Reviewers love that it heats up quickly, and the controls are easy to use. The stainless steel pot that's included is also very good quality. Buyers with a little more to spend on a quality induction cooktop should make sure this inch model from KitchenAid is on their list of contenders.

It boasts five heating elements. This cooktop is available in all black or black with stainless steel trim. Its higher price means this KitchenAid features a lot of bells and whistles. There are 12 power levels for precise heating, and each element has simmer, melt, keep warm and performance-boost functions.

​K&H Domino INDV-3102

Both pairs of 7-inch elements can be bridged to create two larger cooking zones for oversized pots and pans or griddles. The touch-activated controls are lockable to prevent little hands from turning up the heat, and a cooking timer can be set for up to 90 minutes for one cooking zone. Owners say all the settings allow a high level of precision — perfect for the discerning chef — and report that the glass cooktop is easy to clean.

A few warn that the sensors of the 7-inch burners may not recognize very small pots and pans, however.